What’s All the Hubbub About One Piece? Watch It Online to Find Out  

25 May

What’s All the Hubbub About One Piece? Watch It Online to Find Out  


One Piece the manga and the anime is all about pirates. Actually, it’s like the Dragon Ball Z of pirates. What the Dragon Ball franchise did for the martial arts show genre and the Journey to the West adaptation genre One Piece is doing for the pirate genre. It’s about how the King of the Pirates, Gold Roger, beckoning other pirates to find his pirate booty.  If you want to learn more about One Piece, click the link and watch one piece online. Countless souls have gone an adventure in order to find the treasures of Gold Roger, beckoning the Golden Era of Pirates. One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy with rubber powers that he gained from eating the Gum-Gum Fruit.


The Plot of One Piece


  • The appeal of One Piece, just like the appeal of other popular titles Rurouni Kenshin and Dragon Ball, roots from the colorful characters that inhabit the anime show and the pages of the manga that serves as the source material for all the seafaring misadventures of the Straw Hat Pirates. For example, Monkey’s companion Zoro wields three swords—one on each hand and the third one in his mouth.


  • The wackiness of One Piece is also reminiscent of the Bizarre Adventures of the JoJo “Clan”, from Jonathan Joestar to Jotaro Kujo and beyond. One Piece also has its share of bizarre adventures that can only be given justice via the comic page or through a cartoon. A live-action adaptation of One Piece just won’t suffice in capturing the cartoony wackiness of these pirates.


  • However, they’re not cartoons like the Looney Tunes. They’re bizarre and weird but the plot of One Piece is far from linear. It’s something to be experienced to be believed to be honest. At any rate, Luffy has the strongest and weirdest crew around, consisting of a swordsman, reindeer, sharpshooter, thief, mysterious lady, robot scientist, and living skeleton. One Piece is like an RPG turned into a manga turned into an anime.


19 May

Everything you need to know about fifty shades darker


Planing to watch some movies over the weekend? What would be the perfect one that you can pick for a sleepover with girlfriends or maybe with your special someone? Does a controlling and sadistic billionaire grab your attention? What about a shy and aloof college graduate that is full of innocence, hope and dreams? What if these two cross each others roads? Then you have the movie fifty shades darker. Based on a book by E. L. James, the book centers on two protagonists namely Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The movie is actually a sequel from Fifty Shades of Grey which is also based on the first volume of the book.

What to expect with this movie

The sequel is directed by James Foley which stars the same actors from the first movie, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The movie begins when Christian wakes up from a nightmare where he relives his childhood experiences of abuse. This is where the conflict starts as it will dwell upon how Anastasia will be able to help Christian with his unresolved traumatic past. It stays true to what the book is trying to tell and the movie does its best to portray how Christian is facing his struggles with his past and also embracing his future with Anastasia. Viewers wouldn’t be able to miss anything because the sequel quickly picks up right where the first movie ended.

Anastasia is now working as an assistant editor in a small publishing house and her boss Eric is introduced. The boss is portrayed to be another guy smitten by Anastasia, this gives Christian the cue to step up his game. Christian makes sure that Anastasia knows he wants her back and he is even willing to tone down his aggressiveness in order to be on the same level as her. If you are a fan of the series, then this is a movie that you should definitely watch out for.


18 May

Movie Genres To Watch in Megashare with the Family

Family bonding is very important especially during the age of technology. Although mobile devices and computers take away the attention of your family members, they can also be used to bring them together. One way of doing so is by watching movies online. The following are the best movie genres to watch with the family in online movie streaming websites:

Action Films

No one hates a little action in their movie selection. It adds excitement and thrill to the movie plot. Moreover, all generations love it. There are many movies that involve martial arts, fight scenes, cultural skills like sword fighting, and many others. It is a good choice if you want to keep the boys up all night.

Whimsical or Fantasy Films

To excite the younger generation, nothing beats a good old fantasy movie. Magic leaves people in awe all the time. If you have a great sound system to match the quality movies in megashare, there will be a lot of wonderful films to choose from.

Comedy Films

The best genre for family movie nights will always be comedy movies. If you are in for a marathon, laughter is the best way to start. There are several variations under this genre like:

  • Parodies that mock other genres or films.
  • Romantic comedies or RomComs for the lighthearted lovebirds.
  • Humorous or fiction films with a funny twist.
  • Tall tales or movies that blow everything out of proportion.
  • Comic science fictions that question many known laws without sounding too heavy on the intellectual side.


Little kids will swoon over animated movies. Remember how Frozen mania came to existence? That will continue to repeat as long as film makers continue to release some of the best animated films. And all these great movies can be watched online for free without any hassle at home.

17 May

Are The 123movies Unblocked Safe To Watch?

The advancement of technology has brought a lot of advantages to people. One of the things that technology has brought to people is the internet. There are many things that people can do when they access the internet. One of these things is watching movies. Some people think that they cannot watch movies online because of the law that has been approved in the United States. However, there are unblocked movies today that people can watch online. The best site for people to watch these movies is the 123movies unblocked.

Why Watch Unblocked Movies In 123Movies?.

The website 123Movies is a site that people can visit so that they can watch free movies in the internet. In this site, people will be able to watch unblocked movies without the need to pay for any subscription fee. They just have to register in the site so that they can freely access the movies in 123Movies. The good thing about this website is that people are given the choice in the server that they are going to watch the movies from.

Is It Safe To Watch The Unblocked Movies In 123Movies?

For those people who are thinking twice about watching movies in this website, they should not be afraid because it is safe to watch any of the movies that they can find in this site. The creators and the admins of the website made sure that people will not get into trouble with the law if they are caught watching movies from 123Movies. Aside from the fact that they will not have to spend a single penny for watching here, they will also be able to enjoy watching movies without worrying about anything. They just have to go online and access the site for them to be able to watch freely.